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LAS CRUCES – Tai Chan is a free man.
Judge Conrad Perea of the Third Judicial District Court dismissed the third case against Chan on Wednesday based on a violation of Chan’s right to a speedy trial and due process.

“This is a case that saddens me greatly,” Perea said. “It saddens me, number one, that a life was lost. It saddens me that a family is hurting because of that lost life. It saddens me secondly, and just importantly, that a life was impacted, and that is Mr. Chan, and that his family was impacted.”

John Day, Chan’s lawyer, said Chan and his legal team are grateful to Perea for doing what they see as the right thing.

“It’s hard to do the right thing, but this was a self defense case from the start,” Day said.”The judge made the right decision and we appreciate it.”

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