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A Santa Fe County Sheriff’s deputy accused of killing his colleague, appeared in court Friday. Tai Chan shot his partner Jeremy Martin last October. Investigators say the two got into a fight after a night of drinking in Las Cruces. Right now, Chan is out on bond, as long as he stays in Dona Ana County.

Chan’s attorney planned to ask a judge to let Chan return to Santa Fe, on the condition he wear an ankle monitor. He said Chan needs to be there to help with his case.”

He’ll be on an ankle bracelet, he’ll be on house arrest, those are things he’s not on now,” said Chan’s attorney John Day. Chan has been out on bond since the shooting, but has had to remain in Dona Ana County.The defense asked Chan be under house arrest with an ankle monitor. They don’t believe he should return to Santa Fe because they feel he’s a flight risk and danger to the community.

Martin’s pregnant widow said in court that it’s a comfort not having Chan near her and her family.

“I’m concerned with the safety of myself and my children,” said Sarah Martin. “I’m concerned for the community as well.”Martin’s mother was also in court Friday.

“We are trying to pick up and go on with our lives without Jeremy,” said Linda Martin-West.

The judge said Chan’s can return to Santa Fe County, however. The judge said Chan has to be under house arrest and can only leave the house for religious services.

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